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`dhelp' documentation heirarchy

 I think we should begin to standardize the orginization of our
 documentation heirarchy.  It would be good if the same basic
 organization applied to both the dhelp docs and to the info

 For instance, I'd like it if, instead of a bunch of python module
 documents under "Programming", there was a sublevel under
 "Programming" for Python, then under that, a sublevel for python
 extension modules/libraries.  It would clean up the pages some, and
 give some indication of what shipped with Python proper and what
 shipped with the lib-whatever-python packages.

 We should all look over the tree in http://localhost/doc/HTML (/doc/
 defined as /usr/share/doc/) and see what other changes could be

 Are there more categories than required?  Any package can define an
 arbitrary category.  I guess that's ok, but perhaps it's best if
 there are a standard set of them to choose from.  It's like the

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