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Re: [configure: feature request] Support configuration like `i386-linux'.

>>>>> "Kyle" == Kyle Jones <kyle_jones@wonderworks.com> writes:

    Kyle> Karl M. Hegbloom writes:
    >> I would like if I could say `configure i386-linux', rather than
    >> `configure i386-debian-linux'.  Here's why (one paragraph at
    >> top of page):

    Kyle> This makes no sense to me.  Including the vendor type does
    Kyle> nothing prevent applications from wildcarding matches
    Kyle> against that field.  Changing the string from three
    Kyle> components to two will break code.  If you want to type
    Kyle> less, just type 'configure' and leave off the other stuff.

 Did you follow the link I posted and read the paragraph about it?

 I'm not the one who made that policy.  I don't know why they decided
 that.  It really doesn't matter to me, personally, what goes in that
 string as long as XEmacs builds and I can edit, read, and do other
 neat things with it.

 I will just use "i386-debian-linux".

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