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Bug#51879: PROPOSAL: package may be maintained by a group

Franklin Belew <frb@balance.wiw.org> writes:

> The dangling preposition in the last sentence.
> "the distribution this package is included in" should read
> "the distribution in which this package is included." 

Of course, Shakespeare happily ended sentences with prepositions, no
matter what your gramamr school teacher taught you.  The rule you cite
was invented by noisome people in the 19th century who thought that
English shouldn't have any structures that Latin lacks.  (In Latin it
is in fact prohibited to end sentenced with prepositions.)

> You could get even more techincal and remove the passive voice, but I don't 
> believe its necessary.

Why is that more technical?  Because the passive voice is
ungrammatical?  Because it's tainted with non-free software?  Because
it's trendy to never use the passive voice?  

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