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Move TeX from Standard (was: a nitpicky reading of policy)

Branden Robinson <branden@ecn.purdue.edu> wrote:
> On a completely different subject, I'm not so sure that TeX and LaTeX
> should really be standard.  I know that they're commonly found on Unix
> systems, but so is X.  X was excluded from standard, I think, partly
> because of its size and partly because not everyone needs a GUI on their
> Unix box.  But this logic applies to TeX and its derivatives as well; TeX
> is very large and not everyone uses their Unix box as a super-powerful
> typesetter.  Obviously the "not everyone uses their Unix box as a ..." is
> an argument that can be run away with, but there are few Debian packages
> that rival even mininal X or TeX installations in size, and maybe none with
> a priority higher than optional.  Joey, you're good at "simple" perl
> one-liners that deduce all kinds of scary facts from the available file, so
> I'll leave it up to you to verify or refute that.  :)

I am not sure this one has come up before, but I am all for dumping tetex from
Standard. Don't get me wrong, I use tetex all the time, I just do not think it
should be standard.

while :;do read x;echo \?;done

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