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Re: Bug#40706: AMENDMENT 17/7/99] /usr/share/doc vs. /usr/doc transition

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>          dpkg may well have problems with the symlink, so any
>  packages still installing in /usr/doc/<package> could cause problems
>  with dpkg. Since the move is likely to take a long time, this grand 
>  move-in-one-fell-swoop is likely to be fraught with problems.

After reading Kristoffer's post I am wondering if we're being too paranoid.
I know dpkg works ok if the sysadmin locally moves something and symlinks it
similarly to how he proposes. At least, the only reports of failures when
that is done that I've seen were all in xaw-wrappers where I was too zealous
in following symlinks. I don't remember any dpkg problems related to it.

I'm sure dpkg would get very upset if it thought there were files in both
/usr/doc/ and /usr/share/doc and the files had the same name and the
directories were linked, but as Kristoffer points out, policy can just
forbid this.

How much testing would we need to give this method before you'd be content
to use it?

see shy jo

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