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Bug#40706: AMENDMENT 17/7/99] /usr/share/doc vs. /usr/doc transition


>  Richard> I think the symlink should be absolute, not relative.
>  Richard> /usr/doc is a likely directory to be symlinked to somewhere
>  Richard> else by the sysadmin (for example, to deal with this
>  Richard> transition :-), and the normal reason for using relative
>  Richard> links (that the link should still work if the filesystem is
>  Richard> mounted in an unusual place) is not very important here.
>         Hmm. I am almost convinced. Opinions, folks?

As one of the people likely to do this (ie. symlink /usr/doc to
/usr/share/doc/this_used_to_be_usr_doc) it would seem to me that absolute
symlinks would be a little more robust in this case.

Also has anybody considered that sysadmins who do desire to have symlinks
in /usr/doc to the package dirs in /usr/share could create them for
themselves with lndir(1x) or some similar tool..  (yes I know this greatly
lacks the polish of some other solutions offered, but there seems to be some
division still over the desirability of us creating such a symlink farm
by default.. ??)   


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