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Re: Menu->policy (was Re: Policy Weekly for May 1)

Chris Waters wrote:
> Therefore, this is a formal proposal to amend JoeyH's proposal as
> follows:  The existing menu heirarchy should be moved into policy

By existing menu hierarchy, do you mean the one I put in my proposal, or the
one in the menu documentation?

The one I put in my proposal is subtly different - all the menu entries are
the same, but I rewoked the descriptions to be more general, so you don't
have to try to intuit what goes in a menu by looking at examples of other
programs that go there (not very helpful if you're not familiar with the
example programs). I also added some text to the top to allow packages to
add menu menus to leaf menus, which is current practice although not
mentioned in the menu documentation.

> Argument for this amendment: it's more specific than JoeyH's, it
> outlines *exactly* what to do

How is it more specific? If you'll revisit my proposal you'll see I stated
the *exact* text I proposed to add. On the other hand I'm still not sure
exactly what you propose to add.

> and is therefore more suitable for a yeah-or-nay vote.

If it comes to this we've failed.

see shy jo

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