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Menu->policy (was Re: Policy Weekly for May 1)


Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

> Bug: 36051
> Title: moving the menu hierarchy into debian policy
> Begin-date: 14 Apr 1999
> Proposed-by: Joey Hess
> Seconders: Raphael Hertzog, Joseph Carter, Branden Robinson
> Status: discussion
> Description:
>  Proposal to move existing menu hierarcy text into policy with only small
>  changes, and postpone large changes until later.
> Notes:
>  There was some discussion, but we didn't clearly reach a consensus.
>  No-one disagrees that some menu structure should be added to policy, but
>  there is some disagreement that the suggested structure should go in as-is.

The only modification for which I saw nearly complete agreement was my
suggestion to add a top-level entry: Help.

Therefore, this is a formal proposal to amend JoeyH's proposal as
follows:  The existing menu heirarchy should be moved into policy,
with the lone addition of a top-level "Help" category.  Other changes
and modifications can be dealt with later, as formal modifications to
existing policy.

If we follow Manoj's procedures, I need two seconds for this amendment.

Argument for this amendment: it's more specific than JoeyH's, it
outlines *exactly* what to do, and is therefore more suitable for a
yeah-or-nay vote.

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