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Re: Menu->policy (was Re: Policy Weekly for May 1)

Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> writes:

> Chris Waters wrote:
> > Therefore, this is a formal proposal to amend JoeyH's proposal as
> > follows:  The existing menu heirarchy should be moved into policy

> By existing menu hierarchy, do you mean the one I put in my
> proposal, or the one in the menu documentation?

I apologize for not reading your original proposal, which was posted
*just* before I subscribed to -policy.  However, my proposal was
intended to be an amendment to yours, and I'll stick to that.

proposed amendment text:

           Tetris-like   - games involving falling blocks
           Toys          - amusements, eye-candy, etc.
+        Help            - programs that provide user documentation
         Screen          - programs that affect the whole screen
           Lock          - programs to lock the screen

I think the idea of a top-level Help section has enough buy-in that
there's no real need to wait on it.  I don't think that's true of any
of the other proposals I've seen (even my own).

Reading the bug report, I see that Wichert and I are listed as the
main dissenting voices.  I've posted my comments, so let's see what

Oh, and I guess I still need two seconds.  I hope my amendment is
accepted, but if not, I *will* drop my objections and support the
original proposal.

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