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Re: Where should IMAP look for mail folders?

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Daniel Martin wrote:
> As for the proper solution, I'm not sure.  One could move $MBOXROOT
> back to $HOME, on the grounds that one never knows where else the
> upstream authors may have assumed that the two are the same, and then
> silently prepend "mail/" to any mailbox name that isn't the special
> INBOX name (which ends up refering to $HOME/mbox file) and doesn't
> have a "#" as the first character (which makes the mailbox special in
> different ways, depending on what follows the #).  Pine seems happy to 
> somehow have the $MBOXROOT be $HOME yet have the default folder
> collection be mail/[] - is there some way to simulate this behavior?
> (Or could people just be told to set their default folder collection
> to {machinename}mail/[], which may well be what the U of W intends to
> have happen?)

I think it is.  {machinename}mail/[], I mean.

At least, at cambridge, we run imapd, and use PINE (I'm typing this in
PINE, which I will continue to use until there's a free IMAP client which
actually does half the clever things it can - I'll probably write the
support into libbalsa, if no one beats me to it).

And my setup is as above.  It's never bothered me very much - I think it's
a historical thing, as someone suggested.

(Note that most imap servers allow you to treat anything at all as a
folder - they'll accept absolute pathnames).


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