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Re: Where should IMAP look for mail folders?

Daniel Martin <Daniel.Martin@jhu.edu> writes:
> I would conclude from this that the imapd (or is it c-client?) authors
> don't know when they want to use $MBOXROOT and when they want to use
> $HOME; in fact, I doubt if it is ever tested upstream with $MBOXROOT
> set to anything other than $HOME.

Sounds to me like the ``right'' thing to do would be to go through the
code and make the appropriate $MBOXROOT references into $HOME
references, and send the resulting patch upstream.

Of course, this may be a pain, if they have not differentiated the two
modes of use, so as an interim kludge how about putting a couple of
symlinks in (or suggesting this in the README.Debian):

  ln -s mail/mbox ~/mbox
  ln -s ../Mail ~/mail/Mail

Cheers, Phil.

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