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Where should IMAP look for mail folders?

A long time ago, a bug was filed against my IMAP package because it looked
for mail folders in the users $HOME directory.  This had the unfortunate
side effect in most IMAP clients of causing any other files which were in
the home directory to show up as folders.  It was suggested that I make
the mail folder root be $HOME/mail which I duly did with little complaint.

However lately there have been two bug reports (#33780, #34056)  which 
suggest that this may not have been a good move.  I could hack the
c-client library IMAP uses for mailbox access to solve the particular
problems mentioned in the bug reports but other problems may crop up
and other packages that require c-client (pine, libmail-cclient-perl)
may need to be recompiled.  Or I can make the decision to stick with
$HOME or stick with $HOME/mail even if it causes issues for some
people.  What should I do?

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org>

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