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Re: smarter way to differ architectures needed?

> 1) add a Compiled-By field to the control-file

Aehm, to debian/control?? That doesn't make sense. debian/control
contains static infos, whereas who compiled a pkg is dynamic.

Oh, I see, you probably mean the control file of packages. Then we
have the following problem: The name of the builder is available only
in dpkg-buildpackage and passed to dpkg-genchanges. dpkg-gencontrol
never sees it... expect we make some tricks with environment variables
or the like.

> 2) add an Uploader field (might be different from the Compiled-By) to the
> 	 .changes
> 3) change the semantics of the maintainer-field in the .changes file

What's then the difference in semantics of Maintainer: and Uploader:
in the .changes? Maintainer: always the source maintainer, and
Uploader: is different only for NMUs?

BTW, I'm not the right one to do this proposal, as I'm going to
Australia (vacation) this Sunday for 4 1/2 weeks...


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