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Re: smarter way to differ architectures needed?

Previously Roman Hodek wrote:
> But there's still one drawback: The Compiled-By: field is only in the
> .changes file and not in the package files :-( Ok, we still can track
> down who uploaded what (via Guy's archive of .changes on master), but
> the user can't easily do that.

It would probably be pretty trivial to add this to the control-file
though; we already have to info so we can make the .changes file.

Can someone write up a proposol to:
1) add a Compiled-By field to the control-file
2) add an Uploader field (might be different from the Compiled-By) to the
3) change the semantics of the maintainer-field in the .changes file

This would require a couple of minor changes to dpkg-dev, but I think it
would be an improvement.


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