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Re: need input: essential packages and pre-depends

Santiago Vila wrote:
> From the list, I can see just one exception: procps
> procps was essential in Debian 1.3.1, but it is not essential in hamm.
> procps contains the important /bin/ps binary (which is certainly used in
> maintainer scripts, either directly or indirectly through the init.d
> scripts).
Important but not essential.
A quick grep on /etc/init.d/* shows no use of ps for the packages I use.

> Is there a reason why this package lost his essential flag?
This was discussed in debian-devel about 3 months ago, the consensus was
it is not essential.  Neither was psmisc.

> If nobody objects, I will report this as a bug, and will ask the
> maintainer to use a Pre-Depends field for libc6 (which is the only
I object, unless there is a clear decision on this mail list that it should
be essential.

  - Craig

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