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Re: forwarded message from Luiz Otavio L. Zorzella

Manoj Srivastava writes:
 > Hi,
 > >>"Luiz" == Luiz Otavio L Zorzella <zorzella@conexware.com> writes:
 > Luiz> I posted this question in debian-user list, and was advised to
 > Luiz> post in this list, because you have supposedelly just decided to
 > Luiz> remove from the .deb packages a feature that would allow this to
 > Luiz> be accomplished.
 > 	Firstly, it was decided that to implement the feature, we
 >  would need data in a different format than was previously included in
 >  the packages. We just have not yet put the solution into the policy
 >  document yet (we do have an implementation).

Why ?  I know that Installed-size: will get fooled if we can one day
exclude dirs from installation, but it doesn't seem to matter for now ?

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