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Re: Scanners

Stuckey a écrit :
I'm looking to purchase a scanner. I've looked at the supported hardware list on http://www.sane-project.org though there are many listed there and I know nothing about scanners.

Perhaps someone here can recommend a model or brand with which they have personal experience.

J. Stuckey

Back to the list. Sorry I answered on your email address.

My opinion: try to find one tested and supported at
sane-project.org for example and look on the web for more details: availability, price.
This database is here to help us make a better choice for working devices.

Did you find something about the scanner you actually have on the web/lists ? If your current HP scanner definitely don't work with Debian, not supported (drivers, firmwares...) what is it with the next debian release ?

For example: my girlfriend's "photosmart all in one" HP printer/scanner is cheap for photography and costs 100$. Last year, I updated to debian testing to get the printer/scanner system to work (newer free debian printer driver package [hplip]). This printer/scanner combo is not part of my photography workflow but here is what I quickly get with the scanner and a partly damaged photo: http://cjoint.com/?cgofuM3aoV
I only set the resolution, nothing else.

Why not try to find a reseller you can ask for returning products before buying one ? If you are very carefull with packaging and hardware it's possible to return it after few hours/days and get money back.


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