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Doing RAW

> I don't have a good enough workflow with RAW to use many of them yet.
> However I have enough memory card space and disk space that I'd rather
> have the RAW just in case; if I never use it then I've lost nothing.
> I've played with ufraw (particularly in the form of the Gimp plugin) but
> never quite been happy with my results. Often I want something that
> looks like the JPEG from the camera but I want to make a minor
> adjustment eg fix some under/over-exposure in part of the frame. My best
> results have been with the camera vendor's own RAW software (proprietary
> and Windows-only, of course). Any suggestions here would be welcome.

I think this is due to the fact white balance and automatic contrast
is lost in the RAW picture. (Aren't they) These algorithms are often
proprietary and only available in the (windows based) software.

Under overexposure in part of the picture is always a "big" problem. A
"real" solution would would be shooting HDR ;o) and pick the layer
with the best exposure in the several parts of the picture. Marking
the parts is another thing...


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