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Re: Photo management

On ma, 2008-04-21 at 09:09 +0200, Johann Spies wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 06:35:44PM +0300, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> > I strongly prefer GNOME over KDE or other desktop alternatives. The
> > first software to try has thus been F-Spot, and that has many good
> > features. It's not to my liking, though. It seems to insist on ~/Photos
> > as the location, which is a highly inconvenient location for me.
> Change it.  See the preferences.

It seems that's possible, you're right, as soon as one understands that
"Import settings" is what one wants. Still, it's only one location,
which is still not ideal, although I could live with that.

> As I understand it the list of photo's shown after import is shown to
> give you the opportunity to tag the batch. That tag will appear under
> 'import tags'.  It is a filtered view similar to when you select a tag.

If I were to use F-Spot enough, I'm sure I'd get comfortable with the
user interface.

> There are other alternatives.  You can use Picasa, digikam and several
> others.

Picasa is not free software. Digikam is for KDE, not GNOME. The others?
I'll have to find them first...

>  Each one has it strengths and weaknesses. You can also try
> Photo Organiser. It is not a debian package but you will find it on
> http://freshmeat.net.  It is a php-package which uses postgresql for
> it's database.

Web based interface to dealing with tens of thousands of images? I'm not
sure I want to even contemplate that.

Now, even though I am unhappy with all your suggestions, I thank you for
making them.

I'm going to try life without a dedicated photo management program,
while I search (in my rare spare moments) for a program that satisfies

One of the things that has struck me lately is that I'm not even sure I
want to keep all my photos in one database (or several databases,
distributed on several hard disks, because of size constraints). I don't
in general store files based on type: I group them by project instead. I
don't have one directory for all my HTML files, and another for all my
Python source files; instead, I have one directory for each project of

The exception for that is e-mail. E-mail is much easier to process with
a dedicated program rather than having each e-mail in a separate file,
which I process with less, or something like that. (I used to use MH for
e-mail. I did not like it very much.) So far, I've treated photos the
way I treat e-mail, but I'm now wondering whether it would not be better
to treat them as projects. 

I'll have to think about this.

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