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Re: Help needed with perl-tk NMU

On Sat, Sep 12, 2020 at 10:45:23PM +0300, Damyan Ivanov wrote:
> -=| Damyan Ivanov, 11.09.2020 12:08:04 +0300 |=-
> > I tried the "new upstream release" route because otherwise there 
> > would be several patches to import, one of them adding 10k-lines 
> > ppport.h
> > 
> > The result is at https://salsa.debian.org/dmn/perl-tk and builds with 
> > per 5.32. There are many lintian/hardening warnings, but since this is 
> > a NMU, the changes are bare minimum.
> > 
> > I haven't tested the resulting package yet, will have to find a way 
> > to do so without disturbing the rest of the system. (perhaps 
> > docker+vnc would help).
> I got around to try this and the results seem acceptable to me.
> All the examples seemed OK.
> I tried two packages that depend on perl-tk: nama and mapivi.
> nama seemed OK to me - no crashes, some windows appeared with menus 
> buttons etc.
> mapivi worked OK as long as no unicode was involved. It is a JPEG 
> viewer with a file browser and unicode directory names are shown as 
> latin1 garbage. When trying to open such a directory it complains on 
> the console with 'Cannot cd to /path/to/spëcial: No such file or 
> directory at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl5/5.32/Tk/DirTree.pm'. This 
> problem is also present in the version in unstable so it is not 
> a regression.

Excellent, thank you!
> Please tell me if there is another test I should perform.

That sounds very comprehensive to me.

> Would uploading to delayed-7 in a week or so be in line with the plans 
> for the arrival of 5.32 to unstable?

Ideally we were targeting the end of September for a transition, which
would potentially be delayed by your proposed timescale. But I don't
know how likely we are to hit that in reality (eg we're probably a week
away from having finished our current round of full QA rebuilds).

Meantime we should at least make sure that your version is in our
test repos so our mass rebuild has a chance to run on it. I'll do that
in the next couple of days.

So let's go ahead with your proposal, and if it comes a blocker, we can
consider rescheduling it.


[1] <https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/developers-reference/pkgs.html#nmu>

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