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Re: Help needed with perl-tk NMU

-=| Dominic Hargreaves, 10.09.2020 21:21:51 +0100 |=-
> Hi all
> I didn't hear back from Colin, and so I think in order to unblock
> the perl 5.32 transition we need to NMU either a targeted fix for
> perl 5.32 compatibility, or the new upstream release. I'm not sure
> which is more appropriate given the time since the last release in
> Debian.
> Any takers? I'm a bit short on time myself, these days.
> See http://perl.debian.net/ for the test repository you might need
> to verify fixes.

I tried the "new upstream release" route because otherwise there would 
be several patches to import, one of them adding 10k-lines ppport.h

The result is at https://salsa.debian.org/dmn/perl-tk and builds with 
per 5.32. There are many lintian/hardening warnings, but since this is 
a NMU, the changes are bare minimum.

I haven't tested the resulting package yet, will have to find a way to 
do so without disturbing the rest of the system. (perhaps docker+vnc 
would help).


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