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Re: first salsa contribution

On Tue, 28 Aug 2018 15:05:05 +0200, Cyr Bol wrote:

(Please don't top-post.)

> Yes, I agree that my patch to debian/watch is quite bad. Xguimard proposed
> a better URL.

Right, this one works for detecting new releases; as long as they are
uploaded by the same author.
(Which is probably true in this case but not for other CPAN
distributions which are team-maintained.)

BTW, the URL for Homepage in d/control is still suboptimal.
> If this module is obsolete, does it make sense continuing distributing this
> module? If yes,is the URL proposed by xguimard a proper alternative?

Well, as long as it works and doesn't cause us any maintenance costs,
I guess there's no strong reason for removing it.
> I believe there are a lot of other modules in the same state as
> liblog-dispatch-filewriterotate-perl. And, I'll contact the CPAN maintainer
> to try and understand what exactly happened to those packages.

Ok, thanks!


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