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About fusioninventory-agent packaging

Hello team,

after working on libparse-edid-perl yesterday, and on the Gregor advice given over IRC yesterday, I used "dpt takeover" command to import fusioninventory-agent full history. That worked almost perfectly locally. I only had to fix wrong mail for maintainer takeover committer in last changelog entry.

Now I'm running with an issue: I totally missed Ignacio Bocanegra imported lastest 2.3.16 release a month ago.
I really though he did nothing as he told me he would try to manage the package but missed to keep me informed.

The problem here is: he only imported the lastest 2.3.16 release, not the full history as does dpt takeover. I also see the upstream branch wasn't updated with imported 2.4 sources.
Then I can't just merge what did "dpt takeover" and the current repository. I tried to start a rebase, but I feel this is the wrong way.

So what's your advice ? You I leave the "dpt takeover" process and continue Ignacio work, completly forgetting also the package history ?

Or should we restart the work from "dpt takeover", then we probably need to completly replace the repository with "dpt takeover" work ?

Best regards,

Guillaume Bougard 
Ingénieur R&D 

TECLIB' Montpellier 
3 rue Doria, 
34000 Montpellier, France 

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