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Re: About fusioninventory-agent packaging

Hi Guillaume, sorry for the inconveniences. 

I forgot to tell you that I did some tests uploading fusioninventory-agent package, but I had some difficulties that I couldn't manage to solve as I didn't have enough time and experience. 

I think that as I only did some tests, the option of restarting the job and reimporting all package history is the best choice.

Please, let me know if you have any problem.


El jue., 21 jun. 2018 10:42, Guillaume Bougard <gbougard@teclib.com> escribió:
Hello team,

after working on libparse-edid-perl yesterday, and on the Gregor advice given over IRC yesterday, I used "dpt takeover" command to import fusioninventory-agent full history. That worked almost perfectly locally. I only had to fix wrong mail for maintainer takeover committer in last changelog entry.

Now I'm running with an issue: I totally missed Ignacio Bocanegra imported lastest 2.3.16 release a month ago.
I really though he did nothing as he told me he would try to manage the package but missed to keep me informed.

The problem here is: he only imported the lastest 2.3.16 release, not the full history as does dpt takeover. I also see the upstream branch wasn't updated with imported 2.4 sources.
Then I can't just merge what did "dpt takeover" and the current repository. I tried to start a rebase, but I feel this is the wrong way.

So what's your advice ? You I leave the "dpt takeover" process and continue Ignacio work, completly forgetting also the package history ?

Or should we restart the work from "dpt takeover", then we probably need to completly replace the repository with "dpt takeover" work ?

Best regards,

Guillaume Bougard
Ingénieur R&D

TECLIB' Montpellier
3 rue Doria,
34000 Montpellier, France

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