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LHF report (was: Low-hanging fruits reminder for 2018-06-21, 19:00 UTC (tomorrow))

On Thu, 21 Jun 2018 00:00:04 +0100, Dominic Hargreaves wrote:

> Our next Low-Hanging Fruit Session[1] on IRC is tomorrow:
> 2018-06-21, 19:00 UTC, #debian-perl @ irc.debian.org (A.K.A. OFTC)

And here are the gobby notes from yesterday's meeting:


present: fsfs, axhn
hellos/waves from: gregoa
regrets from: nodens, knowledgejunkie

Work done

Packages upgraded to a new upstream release:
- libnet-frame-perl
- libnet-frame-dump-perl
- libnet-openssh-perl
- libtest-poe-client-tcp-perl

Packages uploaded that had Vcs-Svn in the archive:
- libapache-dbilogger-perl
- libapache-htgroup-perl
- libapp-repl-perl
- libaudio-file-perl
- libaudio-musepack-perl
- libauth-yubikey-decrypter-perl
- libauthen-bitcard-perl
- libbit-vector-minimal-perl
- libcache-historical-perl
- libcarp-clan-share-perl

Other uploads:
- libdate-holidays-de-perl

Discussions about vcswatch (the base for DMD and the future tracker
team pages).
- redirects alioth -> salsa work now, thanks Myon
- if we see problems, we can ping Myon
- Myon also added redirects for old svn URLs
- URLs can be set by us

In addition to that I today found out how updating the URLs works
(was not that difficult :)), and I'll do it for all packages during
the night. [0]

Next LHF session: 2018-07-21, 17:00 UTC


[0] For future reference:

curl -s -o/dev/null --key gregoa@debian.org.key --cert gregoa@debian.org.crt "https://qa.debian.org/cgi-bin/vcswatch?package=libhtml-wikiconverter-kwiki-perl&vcsheader=Vcs-Git:+https://salsa.debian.org/perl-team/modules/packages/libhtml-wikiconverter-kwiki-perl.git";

(where the key and cert files are from a manually created Debian SSO

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