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Migration Alioth → Salsa imminent

The migration of our git repos from Alioth to Salsa will happen in a
couple of hours. Moving the 3500 repos of the "active" packages will
take around 6 hours and is supposed to be run in the (European) night
from Friday to Saturday.

The "old" packages in the attic directory are already migrated, as
well as the scripts, website, and meta repositories.

Before a repository is moved, commits to it are disabled via
pre-receive hooks on Alioth, so there should be no real danger of
divergence between the old and the new repo. Still you might want to
stop pushing to a repo on Alioth in the evening to avoid confusion :)

Repos on Salsa can be used as soon as they are created and configured
in the process of running the migration script. Again, maybe waiting
until Saturday (European) noon in order to check everything went fine
wouldn't hurt.

If you don't have an account on Salsa yet, now is a good time to
create one. People who have made at least one commit in the last year
and who have a Salsa account have been added to the perl-team/modules
group on Salsa, everyone else who's interested please write a short
mail to debian-perl@lists.debian.org or ask on IRC (#debian-perl).

For local clones, the "origin" remote's URL has to be updated.
For the "special" repos this is:
    git remote set-url origin git@salsa.debian.org:perl-team/scripts.git
    git remote set-url origin git@salsa.debian.org:perl-team/modules/website.git
    git remote set-url origin git@salsa.debian.org:perl-team/modules/meta.git

For the packages this is a loop ...
TODO: someone will hopefully come up with a one-liner soon :)

For those using the .mrconfig in meta.git: There will be an updated
version available after more tests. This will need dpt-salsa from
pkg-perl-tools, so please update pkg-perl-tools (and dh-make-perl) as
soon as possible (uploads coming soonish).

If you reference meta.git in your ~/.mrconfig you need to change the URL there
so it looks like:

chain = true
order = 9
checkout = git clone git@salsa.debian.org:perl-team/modules/meta.git


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