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Re: Membership Ping 2017: Results

On Sun, 17 Sep 2017 21:39:39 +0200, Alex Muntada wrote:

> As mentioned in the Minutes of the DebConf 2017 BoF: "use Perl;
> # Annual meeting of the Debian Perl Group"[1], I planned to
> remove inactive members from pkg-perl team in alioth this
> weekend. This is the summary of the actions performed.

Thank you very much!
> * 71 messages sent
> * 20 messages bounced
> * 50 inactive members were removed (including all bounced)
>   - most DD accounts were emeriti anyway
>   - we have no activity record for those guest accounts, but I
> 	used the date they joined the team as a reference and all had
> 	joined more than 2 years ago with no contribution at all.
> * 21 members remain
> * 94 members total

Below 100 for the first time in ages.
> Remaining task:
> * Dropping removed accounts from Uploaders.

Are you going to do this mass-commit as well or would you rather hand
it over to someone else?
> Insights:
> * I may have found a way to perform this task from a full
>   pkg-perl "mr checkout", without needing alioth at all,
>   though I really hope that gitlab has something to find
>   inactive members more easily.



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