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Minutes of the Debian Perl Team BoF at DebConf: Friday, 2015-08-21, 13 UTC

On Thu, 20 Aug 2015 12:32:08 +0200, gregor herrmann wrote:

> Tomorrow we'll have our annual BoF at DebConf:
> https://summit.debconf.org/debconf15/2015-08-20/
> starting at 15:00 local time (CEST; = 13:00 UTC) in room "Amsterdam".

The meeting happened as planned, and was again both nice and
constructive. There were 10 people present physically and 3 remotely.

Thanks to all participants and especially to Harlan for taking
perfect minutes on the fly which are pasted below.


The meeting was called to order at 1501.  hlieberman was taking
notes, and Dom was watching on IRC. The local participants went
around and introduced themselves.

The agenda was reviewed by the group and approved as written.

The low-hanging fruit sessions were reviewed.  The idea was taken
from good experiences seen in the Tails project. There were between
two and six people at each meeting, except for the one meeting that
everyone forgot. On average, the meetings at 1700 UTC averaged about
5 participants, while the meetings at 2200 UTC averaged around 1. The
Barcelona sprint was a common topic of discussion, with RC bugs and
QA next on the popularity.

The meeting discussed whether the LHF sessions should continue
through the next year. A proposal was made by XTaran to move the time
to the earlier time, as it appears to be more popular.

The proposal carried.

RESOLVED: The LHF sessions shall continue through the next year, at
          1800 UTC.

The meeting discussed whether the LHF should be moved to a particular
day of the week, rather than the 21st of the month. The meeting
decided that the variety in the day of the week caused by the fixed
day-of-month was positive, not a bug.

The meeting discussed whether a reminder email should be sent out.
The meeting decided that it would be a good idea to have reminder
emails sent out. Dom volunteered to set up a cron, set to email
around one week in advance of the LHF session.

The proposal carried.

RESOLVED:  A reminder email shall be sent out one week in advance of
           the LHF sessions, soliciting agenda items to be put in the
RESOLVED:  Dom shall setup a cron at a location to be decided.

The meeting discussed the Barcelona Sprint.  All of the participants
expressed their enjoyment of the meeting. It was discussed that it
had a different, though equally good, feel to DebCamp - more
specific. It was discussed that it might be a little longer in the

It was proposed to attach a Perl sprint to an existing Perl
conference as DebConf's may not be so conveniently located in the

The proposal was rejected.

The meeting discussed that conferences and sprints have very
different goals, though equally important goals. The question was put
whether a sprint shall be organized in the upcoming year.

The proposal carried.

RESOLVED:  A sprint shall be organized in 2015.
RESOLVED:  The sprint shall take place in Europe.

There was a discussion as to specific locations (Zürich, Oxford), but
no location was finalized. May looks like a good month. The
discussion will continue on the mailing list.

Dom gave a report on the perl 5.22 transition.  There were at the
time of report 571 binNMUs needed, with only 6 arch:any packages
FTBFS'ing and needing more work. Focus specifically was recommended
on mod_perl, which has the potential for blocking the entire
transition. The upstream seemed slow and/or uninterested in fixing
the problem. The potential for removal and substitution of mod_perl
was discussed, but the sense of the meeting was that it would be
substantially difficult and not in the best interest of Debian.

The Coro package was discussed which breaks under 5.22.  A potential
for adopting an unofficial patch (https://github.com/Corion/Coro)
that might fix things was discussed. More research was needed before
decisions as to removal could be made.

gregoa reported to the meeting on DebCamp 2015.  One thing which was
discussed was git-debcherry.

fsfs reported out to the meeting about git-debcherry.  git-debcherry
is designed to use source format "3.0 (quilt)", but leverage git to
automatically create the debian/patches directory and its files. He
learned about it at DebCamp and did some polishing around it, and
uploaded two packages that he transitioned to git-debcherry:
libhtml-mason-perl and libnet-openssh-perl. He reported that he will
try this out on a couple of repositories that seem like good

bremner discussed the potential for using dgit as another
possibility. He offered to talk to other members of the team to
investigate it further as interested.

XTaran reported that he moved some lintian checks from pkg-perl-tools
to lintian proper, included as of 2.5.36. During optimization, one
false positive was generated, but a fix is planned and pending in git
for an upload in 2.5.37. XTaran reported that he removed the tests
from pkg-perl-tools that had been moved. XTaran reported that he
changed some of the lintian tag names to be more suitable for the
general public outside of the pkg-perl team.

XTaran also ran duck over all pkg-perl packages.  The log was put
online on people.debian.org. He reported that he will attempt to
continue working if he has time.

gregoa volunteered to write the DebCamp report.

RESOLVED:  gregoa shall write the DebCamp report.

The meeting discussed the activity of the group.  In total, there
were 58 people who had at least one commit in the last year, a drop
from ~70 the prior year. It was discussed whether we have a
situation. No action was taken; discussion was postponed to the
mailing list.

The CPAN signature verification was discussed.  XTaran volunteered to
discuss the ability to match signatures with dkg.

RESOLVED:  XTaran will discuss signature verification with dkg.

ntyni discussed that autopkgtest coverage had improved substantially
during the prior year.

RESOLVED: The meeting shall be adjourned to next use Perl; meeting at
DebConf 2016.

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