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Re: packages with changes unrelased for a long time

On Sat, 25 Jul 2015 01:00:30 +0200, Alex Muntada wrote:

> Now I'm wondering whether
> in cases like this it makes sense to upload the latest changes
> to the benefit of all users, even there's been no update in the
> upstream code at all. I think that not updating the package makes
> a poor user experience in this case after all this time, but I'd
> like to hear what others feel about it.

I agree that an upload makes sense for those cases.
(And something like "upload each package once per release cycle"
would be nice.)

In practice the problem is just that noone has prepared/made the
upload, probably because thre are always more pressing things to do
(like work on packages with new upstream release or packages with

IIRC Axel has started an initative to modernize and upload "old"
packages but he was busy enough to get the <=2006 generation (or
something like that) covered :)

I think in general it boils down to resources: If someone manages to
keep an eye on and update "old" packages, and if we together manage
to keep on track with more pressing needs (like 380 packages with new
upstream releases at the moment), then all is fine.

IOW: go ahead and prepare an upload for the affected packages :)


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