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packages with changes unrelased for a long time

While reading Simon Kainz's post [0] about DUCK challenge I found
my name on the list of persons related to packages with broken
URLs, libfile-sharedir-par-perl [1] in my case. So I took a look
at its debian/control in the git repository and it's been already
fixed since 2011.

There's been no new upstream release since 2011 so those fixes
never made it to the debian archive. Now I'm wondering whether
in cases like this it makes sense to upload the latest changes
to the benefit of all users, even there's been no update in the
upstream code at all. I think that not updating the package makes
a poor user experience in this case after all this time, but I'd
like to hear what others feel about it.


[0] http://blog.familiekainz.at/duck-challenge-week-3.html
[1] http://duck.debian.net/sp/libf/libfile-sharedir-par-perl.html

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