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git tags missing (and other issues) for libanyevent-rabbitmq-perl

Hi Lucas (and others),

Thanks for looking into updating libanyevent-rabbitmq-perl.

It seems you forgot to "git push --tags".  Please do that (or if you 
don't have those tags locally then just tell me and I can recreate 

Also, I decided to revert your changes to copyright file: 

Please don't take that the wrong way¹: Those changes seem mostly as 
nitpicking to me, and my reversal is therefore meant only as me 
disagreeing at a nitpicking level: If you feel strongly about any of 
those changes please do (either raise it here or simply) re-commit as 
isolated commit with a less terse commit message.

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

¹ ...as I once did: For several years I though that a fellow Debian 
developer disapproved a contribution of mine - but when I revisited I 
realized he only disapproved of the _style_ of my commit (and nowadays I 
agree with his judgement).

 * Jonas Smedegaard - idealist & Internet-arkitekt
 * Tlf.: +45 40843136  Website: http://dr.jones.dk/

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