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Re: patch for git.html (was: Re: Packaging my first Debian module)

Alex Muntada schreef op zo 28-06-2015 om 11:35 [+0200]:
> I'm not a native speaker but I tried anyway ;)

I am a native speaker, and was going to propose bullet-pointing the
items, then I saw I'd been beaten to the punch.

My (very minor) pendantry below.

> It covers the following jobs:

> * Creating a new Debian package from a Perl module.
> * Updating the repository for a package.
> * Building a package and prepare it for upload.

> * Uploading a package to the Debian archive.
It doesn't actually cover this though, does it?

> * Upgrading a package with a new upstream release.

> * Getting the source for all packages with mr(1).

Bonus points if these are linked to the relevant place in the
documentation :)

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