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Re: Packaging my first Debian module

Andrew Beverley:

The docs are great, but I think the most useful addition would be some
sort of "start here if it's your first time".

Did you read the welcome wiki page:

Maybe it's not very prominent but it points you to the right path I think.
I did find the git page, but didn't realise that is the main page if you
simply want to start packaging a new module (I think?). I assumed that
it was a more general guide around using git with packaging.

Since all the team's packages are now in git repos, the git page is very important but I guess the name is misleading.
Another useful addition would be some sort of quick and dirty "5 steps
to package a new module", along with links to more detailed reading. I
found this, but think it might be out of date?


I don't think it's very outdated, maybe there are some shortcuts to some steps but AFAICT it's good enough, but I'm not very experienced in packaging either so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

On the other hand, I agree with you that a quick short guide with links to further details would be helpful. Do you think that we could improve the Welcome page to achieve that or we should make a new one which would be the next page to read after Welcome itself?


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