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Test::Tester and Test::use::ok merged into Test-Simple

>From Test-Simple 1.001010 Changes:
    * Integrate Test::Tester and Test::use::ok for easier downgrade from trial

so we'll have to merge libtest-tester-perl and libtest-use-ok-perl into
libtest-simple-perl as well.

We're currently at
 libtest-simple-perl      1.001008-1 
 libtest-tester-perl      0.109-1 
 libtest-use-ok-perl      0.11-1  

There are 36 packages in the archive build-depending on
libtest-use-ok-perl (none of them versioned), and 20 packages
build-depending on libtest-tester-perl (3 of them versioned.)

Runtime dependencies are much fewer: 3 for libtest-tester-perl (one of
them versioned) and just one (unversioned) for libtest-use-ok-perl.

Assuming we can't use versioned Provides [1] it looks like we'll have to

 1) update all the versioned reverse (build and runtime) dependencies to either
    drop the version or include an alternative, like
       Build-Depends: libtest-tester-perl (>= xxx) | libtest-simple-perl (>= 1.001010)
 2) upload a new libtest-simple-perl which
       Provides:  libtest-simple-perl, libtest-use-ok-perl
       Replaces:  libtest-simple-perl, libtest-use-ok-perl
       Conflicts: libtest-simple-perl, libtest-use-ok-perl

I'm not sure if one more step is needed where the alternative dependencies
are switched the other way once the new libtest-simple-perl is in the archive:
       Build-Depends: libtest-simple-perl (>= 1.001010) | libtest-tester-perl (>= xxx)

Note that Test-Simple is also a dual life module, so I suppose perl 5.22
packages will have to Provide and Break both libtest-tester-perl and
libtest-use-ok-perl. (Does the Breaks part work if libtest-simple-perl
Provides them?) So maybe we should go straight for

       Build-Depends: libtest-tester-perl (>= xxx) | libtest-simple-perl (>= 1.001010) | perl (>= 5.21.6)

or some variant thereof.


[1] see the thread at https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2015/04/msg00245.html
Niko Tyni   ntyni@debian.org

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