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Re: Rebooting Low-Hanging Fruits sessions

intrigeri schreef op di 26-08-2014 om 10:49 [-0700]:
> at the yearly team meeting at DebConf, we decided we wanted to have
> Low-Hanging Fruits (LHF) sessions again, and have them on a fixed day
> every month.

Is there some blurb somewhere about this? The spirit is obvious, but I'd
like to know more detail :) Is it debian-perl specific, or across the
whole project? I mostly ask because my employer has recently been doing
a day here and there of getting more people around with working Debian
procedure knowledge (packaging, patching, etc.) and it'd be something we
would probably make an effort to synchronise with where possible.

> I hereby propose we have these sessions on the 21th of each month, at
> 22:00 UTC (which is late evening in Europe, and late afternoon on the
> US/Canada East coast).

FWIW, that's 10am on the 22nd for us currently (in New Zealand), which
is a perfect time ('cept those days where it'll coincide with a

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