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Re: Fwd: libtextperl de los huitos

[ First a greeting, after that I'm switching to English ]

Ismael Olea dijo [Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 01:09:49PM +0200]:
> Hola Gunnar:
> Según http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/libtext-markdown-perl creo que
> debo/puedo mandarte esto que nos cocinó Félix.
> ¡saludetes!

¡Hola Ismael!

Disculpa que no te respondiera antes; estamos a medio DebConf, y si
bien es el periodo en que más trabajo puedo hacer para Debian, es
también cuando más se me acumulan los pendientes de Debian ;-)

I'm still formally listed in many Perl packages, but quite a bit ago I
decided for my sanity, and left one of the greatest teams in Debian,
the pkg-perl team. I'm formally listed as the maintainer still in many
of its packages in the stable release.

Anyway, this should not be a concern for you (in this case, a very
kind user trying to help Debian), but it does not hurt to be
explicit. The package you built and attached to the mail to me does
not follow Debian's best practices (it is what we call a "native
package", instead of keeping the pristine sources principle), so I'll
rather ask the pkg-perl group to consier upgrading to 1.0.31

Now, the Debian archive was just frozen for stabilizing towards the
next stable release (Wheezy, 7.0), so it is quite unlikely 1.0.31 can
be incorporated before that, unles it is mainly a bugfix release
against the last version available (1.0.26)

I'll leave this in the hands of the pkg-perl group. And, Félix, if you
want to become part of the process - Consider joining the team. It
surely is one of the greatest teams in Debian!

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