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Re: Fwd: libtextperl de los huitos

On Sat, 14 Jul 2012 11:28:33 -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> Now, the Debian archive was just frozen for stabilizing towards the
> next stable release (Wheezy, 7.0), so it is quite unlikely 1.0.31 can
> be incorporated before that, unles it is mainly a bugfix release
> against the last version available (1.0.26)

We have a newer version in git already, but:

libtext-markdown-perl (1.000031-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low

  Fix to actually install Markdown.pl, which was installed
  manually before
  IGNORE-VERSION: 1.000031-1

And upstream Changes:

+1.0.31 2010-03-20T23:06:04
+        - Fix installation of the Markdown.pl script.
+1.0.30 2010-01-18T12:19:49
+        - Removed File::Slurp dependency (v. 9999.13 fails tests on
+          Strawberry 5.10.1) (dandv)
+1.0.29 2009-10-28T15:19:26
+        - Note Test::Differences is needed for tests to run (RT#50918)
+        - Change build_requires to test_requires in Makefile.PL where
+          appropriate.
+1.0.28 2009-10-27T14:28:12
+        - Fix MANIFEST.skip to avoid extraneous crap in the distribution.
+1.0.27 2009-10-25T19:13:47
+        - Change to perl style version numbers (from 3 part versions) to
+          avoid depndency confusion with Text::MultiMarkdown

In other words: 1.000031 does not bring anything new, that's why we
haven't uploaded it.
> I'll leave this in the hands of the pkg-perl group. And, Félix, if you
> want to become part of the process - Consider joining the team. It
> surely is one of the greatest teams in Debian!

Thanks for the promotion :)

Félix, if you're interested:


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