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pet.debian.net pseudopackage

Package: bugs.debian.org
Priority: wishlist

We've just moved pet.debian.net on alioth (wagner.debian.org), and are
trying to get more effective collaborative development going on it.
We'd like a pseudopackage named pet.debian.net in the debian BTS.


pet.debian.net is a web installation of the Package Entropy Tracker
(PET).  PET is a collection of scripts that gather information about
your (or your group's) packages. It allows you to see in a bird's eye
view the health of hundreds of packages, instantly realizing where work
is needed.

The maintainer of the pseudopackage should be set to:

 PET developers <pet-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>

please reassign #681401 to the pseudopackage (it was mistakenly initially set
to pet.debian.org, which will not exist -- PET will remain at

Thanks for maintaining the BTS!  Please let us know if you need more



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