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Re: I'd like to become DD

On 01/07/12 11:29, Xavier wrote:
> Hi all,
> Since a few days, I'm member of de Debian-Perl Group. I'm maintainer and
> maintain libregexp-assemble-perl and lemonldap-ng. I'd like to become DD
> and I'm looking for an advocate. Can someone help me ?
> Best regards,
> Xavier

	I'm not as active in the Debian Perl Group as I was once, so I have not
had much opportunity to interact with you. Hence I cannot be your
advocate I am afraid. Nor of course can I speak for the rest of Perl group.

	However one piece of advice I would give to any prospective DD is to
leave it as long as possible.  The more you know and the wider your
experience the easier and less disheartening the process will be. And
have a good look at the NM page to see how many people have been
disheartened by it.

	Looking at your QA page I see you have extensive experience with
lemonldap-ng and limited experience with the Perl group. Unfortunately
since you are a DM for the former I suppose it means you actually have
less opportunity for interaction with DDs.

	So the specific advice I would offer to you is to keep working in the
Debian Perl Group - it was great or me and I still consider it my
spiritual home within Debian. Also have a look through the WNPP lists to
see if there are any other packages that interest you. The RFH bugs
would give you a direct opportunity to interact with DDs. There are many
O or RFA bugs where I would be happy to sponsor. And if I sponsored you
for an extended and satisfactory period then I would be happy to be your

Best of luck


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