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Re: Bug#666767: libnet-dns-perl: Please build with hardening flags

On Thu, 28 Jun 2012 20:40:33 +0200, intrigeri wrote:

(trimming the CC list a bit)

Just two smalls additions:

> > I did not read about the different(?) ways the Debian Perl 
> > Group assigns people to packages or spreads its workload.
> I don't think we have any formally described process to do so. And I'm
> not part of the group for long enough to be in a good position to
> describe the informal way things work.

Yup. I guess the "informal way" can be described pretty much as
"everybody works on each package they feel like working on and puts
themselves into Uploaders to express that they accept some
responsibility for the package". A few packages have de facto "main"
maintainers like you said here ...
> Personally, I tend to have a look to debian/changelog and to the
> Uploaders: control field, and if I see a single person in there who
> appears to "be in charge", that is, is doing all the work for a while,
> I'd at least ask them for a quick review before uploading.

... and it makes sense to not interrupt their work too much :)
> However, I'm not sure it would be wise to do it in a hurry, before you
> have read our policy and checked our workflow/toolkit suit you well.
> This can wait for after the freeze, right?

Ack. Links for the future:
http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/ (policy.html and git.html)

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