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Re: Bug#666767: libnet-dns-perl: Please build with hardening flags

On Mon, 25 Jun 2012 18:13:23 +0200
intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org> wrote:

> Dominic Hargreaves wrote (01 Apr 2012 16:18:49 GMT) :

> > Probably the best way to enable hardening flags is to switch the 
> > package to the minimal dh rules style with a dh compat level of 9,
> > depending on debhelper (>= 9.20120312).
> Do you think you will have time to consider this request before the
> Wheezy freeze?

Yes, I will upload a new version before the deadline. 

> I'd be happy to help as part of the Debian Perl Group.
> What do you think?

My wish would be to:
- keep being the primary maintainer for libnet-dns-perl
- allow the Debian Perl Group to upload the package if I fail to do so
  (generally, not just for this upload)
- later: join the Debian Perl Group, possibly working on other packages, too.

I did not read about the different(?) ways the Debian Perl 
Group assigns people to packages or spreads its workload.

I am aware there is documentation online - but as my time available
before sunday is tight I would be thankful for any reading 
recommendations for a quick start or short instructions like:
- Make yourself an Uploader and foo-debian-perl the Maintainer.

Source code is within svn/svn-buildpackage currently, I'd like
to switch to git/git-buildpackage, though. I am happy to push the
sources to group repositories later. Right now I would prefer
to concentrate on the jobs, which should be done before the
freeze respective package upload.


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                                   Debian: fh@debian.org
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