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Re: Bug#627235: libpoex-role-sessioninstantiation-perl: Can't locate object method "_set_id" via package "My::Session" at /usr/share/perl5/POE/Kernel.pm line 1399.

On Sun, 10 Jun 2012 11:00:34 +0200
Dominique Dumont <dod@debian.org> wrote:

> To fix this module one has to know POE internal, Moose,
> MooseX::Declare, overloading and whatnot.
> Unless upstream author steps up, (hello Nicholas), I doubt that this
> module will be fixed in time for Debian 7.0


Yeah, I am not going to fix this.

1) Don't have the time
2) These modules (POEx) were a thought experiment in a combination of
technologies that are shiny
3) Reflex provides a much cleaner way of doing POE + Moose
4) Just this morning I scheduled deletes of all the POEx modules via
5) You guys are crazy for wanting to package up things like this for
Debian :)


Nicholas Perez
XMPP/Email: nick@nickandperla.net

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