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Re: Bug#663182: Possible solution

I'd like to bring few more arguments to consideration.

I forgot to CC to David Paleino when I posted my idea of wrapper script so I 
wrote to him and he replied with another good argument:

>   I think that, while the wrapper script is a good technical solution, it'll
>   vastly reduce the usefulness of the package, and it will diverge it from
>   what upstream distributes. This way we introduce a delta between Debian
>   (and its derivatives) and all other *nix distributions with that package.
>   We can consider this important or not, but we should take it into
>   consideration IMVHO.

I also have an argument of my own: according to popcon libmysql-diff-perl
have only about 10 users.
Because mysql-utilities in mysql-workbench Recommends, I estimate its number 
of users will be 10...100 times greater. (at the moment mysql-workbench is 
waiting for ftp-masters approval)
When number of users may appears to be unrelated, I think it makes David's 
argument above stronger.

Therefore on second thought I came to think that David's suggestion makes a 
lot more sense. 

Any thoughts?


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