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Re: Bug#663182: Possible solution

That sounds good to me. Both packages will require Breaks/Replaces
clauses against the old version of the other so the bugs are still needed.

On 10/03/12 07:30, Dmitry Smirnov wrote:
> I would like mysql-utilities not to be intrusive, for that reason I think it 
> make sense to keep its executables 'mysql*' in private directory 
> /usr/lib/mysql-utilities
> To me the fact that 'mysqldiff' provided by libmysql-diff-perl was in /usr/bin 
> first is enough: it won't be fair to its users to replace it with entirely 
> different utility merely because new package aggressively taking space in 
> /usr/bin with dozen new executables.
> Ideally they could be consolidated with wrapper like '/usr/bin/mysqlu' which 
> could use first parameter to invoke corresponding executable from 
> /usr/lib/mysql-utilities. How about it?
> Although my next argument is very personal and biased, I always prefer Perl 
> over Python. I packaged mysql-utilities only because they are shipped as part 
> of mysql-workbench and I'm not too sure if they deserve their place in 
> /usr/bin.
> Regards,
> Dmitry.
> P.S. Having said that I recognise David's experience as much greater than mine 
> so I will happily follow whatever he recommend.
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