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Re: Errors duing initial push to new repo

-=| Robert James Clay, 22.11.2011 13:36:02 -0500 |=-
>     When I did the initial branch pushes for the new repository
> libnet-citadel-perl.git, I ended up with "Invalid revision range" errors
> on each of the branches.  The end points of the ranges were different
> for each branch but the initial points for each of the ranges were all
> zeros.  (I posted more details in the whiteboard...)


These are mere warnings, and the gravest harm they could do is missing 
notification on IRC about a commit or a tag.

The warnings come from the post-receive hook which is responsible for 
the IRC notifications, and therefore they don't mean there is 
something wrong with the commits being pushed. It is just a glitch in 
kgb-client-git, which is a bit hard to reproduce.

Hopefule the data in the whiteboard will help future reproduction and 
hopefully eventual fix.

Hack on! :)

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