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$Config{ccflags} not set

We've got an internal XS package which doesn't compile on wheezy/sid
because we set CCFLAGS.  I've changed this to:

| use 5.008008;
| use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
| WriteMakefile(
| ...
|     CCFLAGS           => "-O0 -g -Wall $Config{ccflags}",
| ...
| );

This is modeled after similar patches to fix FTBFS bugs such as #636653.

But from the build log, I can see that $Config{ccflags} is apparently
expanded to nothing at all.  Is there any other way I can get the flags
I need to stuff into CCFLAGS?

Florian Weimer                <fweimer@bfk.de>
BFK edv-consulting GmbH       http://www.bfk.de/
Kriegsstraße 100              tel: +49-721-96201-1
D-76133 Karlsruhe             fax: +49-721-96201-99

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