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To those who are interested in libcatalyst-modules-perl

This package is one of those that has tarballs of components  in its
source. There used to be several others like it such as
libwww-seach-perl and the CGI::Application monsters. One could try just
splitting it up and quite frankly that would be my preferred option,
except for the ancient Debian legend that the ftp masters would reject
some of the resulting packages as being too small.

So here we are. The package exists. It's source includes binary files,
is generally out of keeping with modern debhelper stuff and is
presumably hard to maintain. It is for packages like this that I started
working on pkg-components. However I don't currently have the time or
inclination to adapt libcatalyst-modules-perl, but if you do I would be
delighted and I would be happy to offer any assistance you might need.

That said pkg-components needs a bit more work. The uscan bit in
particular is still not working. But the major ideas are there. It
basically tries to treat each component as a mini-package. And the
source is now owned by the Debian Perl Group as a whole so if anyone
wants to help push it forward then please feel free.

Nicholas Bamber | http://www.periapt.co.uk/
PGP key 3BFFE73C from pgp.mit.edu

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