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Greetings and proposition (Curses::Toolkit)

Hi all,

I'm a perl user and Debian fan since a long time.

I'm a French - my English is not perfect, I'm sorry for that... - engineering student in IT. Last year, I was in a free software formation in Nancy/FRANCE. Lucas NUSSBAUM was my teacher, it's a Debian contributor, you may be familiar.

I never have the opportunity to contribute directly to Debian, but I'm a local active militant of the free software, and free - and neutral and decentralized - Internet. I'm the president and founder of Lorraine Data Network[0], a french ISP.

Since a few years, I'm looking for contribute to Debian. Some of my friends are Debian developer or maintainer - use is cool, contribute is better. The author of the young - but very active - Curses::Toolkit library [1] wishes I package his work.

I'm not currently a Debian maintainer, but it's an opportunity for me to start, with you.

The author announced a near important release, and with your agreement, I would offer a first package on the subversion.

My username in Alioth is ju-guest.


[0] http://ldn-fai.net
[1] http://search.cpan.org/dist/Curses-Toolkit

Envoyé via un serveur personnel, hébergé dans mon appartement et relié au réseau par un FAI participatif. Je suis le seul à pouvoir consulter mon courrier ; et vous ?
* http://julien.vaubourg.com
* lemanchotvolant@jabber.fr
* +33(0)6 71 555 141

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