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Re: pkg-perl and Debconf10

On Fri, 30 Apr 2010 22:32:48 +0200, gregor herrmann wrote:

> * A spontanous one during DebCamp where we coordinate our work during
>   DebCamp (and AFAIK this year events during DebCamp can't be
>   registered/scheduled in advance).

I guess we'll schedule that one spontaneously when we're there :)

> * The "Annual meeting" with general discussions during DebConf; I've
>   just filed an event in penta for this.

And the BOF was accepted (but scheduling hasn't happened yet).
> For collecting ideas/tasks/discussion points we can again use
> http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianPerlGroup/OpenTasks

The page says "last edited 2009-07-30 15:27:13" --> gentle reminder :)

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