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Re: Debian Perl Packagers' Wishlist

On Sat, 08 May 2010 15:36:18 +0200, Jeremiah Foster wrote:

> > Moving forward, I don't see too many regressions in Module::Install
> > being problematic, but we can always clean inc/Module/Install.pm and
> > inc/Module/Install/* before installation, and engage author mode to
> > recreate those things. But I don't know if M::I is actually designed
> > to always be backward compatible or not.
> Aren't there risks if we go down this path? Don't we want a
> pristine upstream source? Do we really want to strip M::I from the
> source if some of our users expect it? I mean, I doubt there is
> someone somewhere in the world who is downloading source packages
> from debian and then building them all with M::I, but nonetheless,
> should we be removing pieces of the CPAN module?

Iff we take this route we wouldn't modify the upstream tarball but
just rm -r inc/Module/Install* during build (in the clean target) and
build-depend on libmodule-install-perl.
(At least ISTR that I've tried that once and it works. It's just
boring to do this manually.)


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